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Environmmental Policy

The business is committed to managing all aspects of its operations in a manner that will ensure compliance with all environmental legislation. We encourage the involvement of our employees and the general public in order to minimise or eliminate any detrimental environmental effects. The following objectives have been set consistent with this policy:

  1. A commitment to comply fully with environmental best practice guidelines, and any other environmental legislation, regulations or guidelines.

    A commitment to prevention of environmental damage/pollution through a process of waste minimisation, ongoing monitoring and continual improvement.

    A commitment to protecting all facets of the environment, in particular our neighbours, soil, air and water quality.

    A commitment to anticipate and address environmental issues and ensure that appropriate actions are taken to properly safeguard the environment.

    A plan to promote and undertake training programs and discussion on environmental issues and this policy for employees, suppliers, and the general community.

    Provision of a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.

  2. Adherence to the principles and requirements outlined in the business’s ISO Management System Manual.

  3. Provision of the resources necessary, be they human, financial, or physical, to achieve the objectives.

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